How did I get here?

You've stumbled upon one of the treasure hunt prompts for the launch of the epic fantasy book When the Traveler Stands Still.

Ready to go on a Treasure Hunt?

I've asked several of my blogger, book reviewer, and author friends to hide prompts/clues on their website for a Traveler-themed treasure hunt.

You'll find the first prompt to get you started here in this post. Each prompt has been worded carefully so that it contains clues to help you find the next prompt. (For example, if one prompt says to stay at an inn, you might go looking for the next clue on inn-themed book blogs or book related websites). The internet is, of course, full of awesome book related blogs and websites so to narrow down your search keep in mind that I'm following all the blogs/authors who helped me run this treasure hunt on twitter, have probably shared their content recently, and I may have mentioned them somewhere on my website.

Whenever you find a prompt you should save the URL so you can use it to claim your prize at the end. Also, like any good Traveler, you should keep a record of your adventures in your journal.


  1. The first ten people to complete the treasure hunt and check in using the form at the end will receive a free copy of When the Traveler Stands Still
  2. In addition, the first person to finish AND the person who submits the most creative/awesome journal entries will both receive a $10 gift card (for amazon, kobo, or google play) AND I'll gift them a copy of a book of their choice from my hidden gems list.

Your First Prompt:

Someone in your village has been struck by a debilitating illness that is slowly eating away at their life. The village healer has never seen an illness like this before and some disaster has kept the Travelers away from visiting your village. Without the Travelers it is up to you to go find a solution.

Use your map to navigate to the nearest city and find a healer. ( Make sure you don’t stray too far in either direction into dangerous lands. You have heard that the Travelers are all dealing with some catastrophe in Red Fern City and it is never a good idea to stray too close to the Valley of the Renegade King!